Membership Information

Due to the size of our club, we have to limit the total number of members to 1,200.  Once that number is reached, no new members will be accepted.  When the number dips below 1,200, we will accept new members.

Anyone who is currently a member will continue as a member as long as they keep their membership current.

Yearly dues are $50.

Renewal applications will be sent out in December and must be returned by the end of January.

Any current member who does not renew by the end of January will be dropped from membership.  Renewal is not possible at that time and they will have to apply as a new member and go through the new member process.

New members need to fill out a new member application and mail it to the club with a check for the application fees.  If you were ever a member of the club in the past, but have let your membership lapse, the application fee will be $50 regardless of when you apply.

New members have to go through a range orientation class.  This class is held once a month on the first Saturday of the month at 10AM.  It is free to attend the orientation class and you may attend at any time.


It is your responsibility to ensure your membership is renewed on time.


**Please Note**
We are a low tech operation.
It can take up to two months to process new member applications.