Becoming a member is easy:

New membership applications will be accepted only between March and August and cease when the membership cap is reached.

If you wish to join the club you will need follow this four step process:

  1. Download the new member application. You can electronically fill out the form and email it to TSC Secretary at and also mail your payment to the club address at the bottom of the form. Alternately you can fill out a hard copy of the form and send it with your payment to the club address at the bottom of the form. You must initial the first page as well as sign and date the second page of the form. Contact the TSC Secretary questions about filling out the form.
  2. When the TSC Secretary has received your application and payment, your application will be brought up for club vote at the next regular monthly club meeting. You don’t need to be present for this.
  3. After being voted in as a club member you will be mailed a post card informing you we are ready to give your range orientation. If you show up at a range orientation with no post card we will likely not have your membership card ready for you. Please do not attend a range orientation without the first two steps of this process completed.  You cannot ‘get the orientation out the way’ early as we do not accept the club joining process being done out of order specified here.
  4. You need to attend a range orientation class (ROC) conducted at the range. The ROC is held every 1st Saturday of the month at 10AM. Your membership card will be handed out after the orientation. If you cannot make the 1st Saturday ROC, contact the secretary for a special appointment: or (661) 750-2225


**Please Note**

This process is not fast as it takes multiple people volunteering their time to complete the process.

It can take up to two months to process new member applications.